Professional Work

During my time at CASE Agency in New York I worked on these really cool CLINQUE holiday Instagram Videos. 


Assembled, edited, and completed animation.

Completed with After Effects.


Animated, refined, and added snow dynamics.

Completed with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Assembled and edited entire video.

*Shot 2 of the anterior portion of sled not animated by me


Animated and refined,  first and last shot, added snow dynamic and smoke to other shots. 

Assembled and edited entire video.

Completed with After Effects.

LAB Series

00:09-00:15  Lit, Animated Gear and Laser

00:22-00:24 Animated & Lit gears

00:45-2:20 Animated & Lit shots

02:33 Animated and Lit shot

Rendered and Edited entire video

Used Cinema 4D and After Effects


Gap International

01:02-01:17 Created Entire Scene

02:09-02:14 Created Entire Scene

02:18-02:39 Created Entire Scene

Edited entire video using After Effects



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